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Age on Sunday

Nikita Gill

Road to Insta(nt) fame

Hugely popular Insta poet Nikita Gill gets published with a collection of poems that explore identity, empowerment, femininity.

Chandrika Darbari

Peace reigns in Rika’s ‘Darbar’

Rika is inspired by icons like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson who she believes cared about music and their lyrics were soulful.

Anil Ambani likely to see a dull year

Anil Ambani, the younger son of the illustrious Dhirubhai Ambani, commands an enviable position in the list of Indian business magnates.

Visual poetry of the streets

Ranita Roy, who loves street photography, talks about the rules she follows and what inspires her.

A home away from home

Angkor Wat is both a national monument and a national symbol of Cambodia, as well as appears on the flag.

Let go, and learn to trust

This form of exercise offers the best combination of yoga, acrobatics and thai massage, all of which help the body.

Don’t look now, Tabu is changing

Comfortable with both serious and comic roles, Tabu is someone who wears her identity on her sleeve. she sits down with us for a quick chat.

Secrets from an Iyer kitchen

The Iyers of Palakkad have a cuisine that’s rich in home-cooked vegetarian food. But many of these recipes are in need of a revival.