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Published : Feb 11, 2018, 3:34 am IST
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Bid adieu to premature wrinkles with this natural and non-invasive technique.

Anytime and anywhere, facial yoga can help you with some easy ways to keep a youthful appearance and glowing skin.
 Anytime and anywhere, facial yoga can help you with some easy ways to keep a youthful appearance and glowing skin.

Classical yoga is an experiential science that genuinely connects and harmonises the body, mind and breath — the three vital components that when channelled together can help bid adieu to premature ageing and wrinkles, for a salubrious way of living. Facial yoga is non-invasive, and a simple solution to turn back the clock and tone the mien. Yogic facial exercises help to increase the blood circulation and oxygenation to the facial region, which aids the cleansing, detoxification process and brings about a natural glow to the face. Anytime and anywhere, facial yoga can help you with some easy ways to keep a youthful appearance and glowing skin.


Practice 1 

Reduces dark circles and wrinkles around eyes

Fill your mouth with warm or room temperature water. Hold in the water for as long as you can. Your mouth and jaw will begin to feel heavy in half to one minute. Continue for at least two minutes as you can. Spit the water out slowly. Avoid gargling immediately, and relax the mouth.

This not only reduces dark circles and fine lines around the eyes, but it also improves the quality of speech and voice, improves the strength of the face. Interestingly, it can also help prevent toothache.



Practice 2 

Reduce laugh lines

Inhaling, pout your lips and extend them. Open your mouth as you exhale. Repeat this exercise of pouting and opening the mouth four to five times. This reduces fine lines around the mouth and lips, as well as aids in slowing down the ageing process. This exercise also releases tension and relaxes the jawline.





Practice 3 

Shape the jawline

Keep your lips closed and jut your chin and lower jaw out and move it in and out slowly. Inhale as you push your chin out, and exhale as you bring your chin in. Then, move the jaw from side to side for about four to five times. Open your mouth as wide as you can, and move your lower jaw in and out slowly, and from side to side for another four or five times. This tones the facial and jaw muscles, releases tension and increases circulation to both areas. Unlike other exercises, this one also improves complexion — both texture and colour. The face tends to look more relaxed, but with firmer contours.



Practice 4

Tone facial muscles

As you inhale, pout your lips and move them to the right. Hold your breath in the position for a count of six. As you exhale, return your lips to the centre. Repeat it with the other side. Now, quickly move your lips from side to side for about four or five times. This anti-ageing exercise reduces fine lines around the mouth, releases stress and improves blood circulation and oxygenation around the face.


Practice 5 

Tone sagging neckline (Roaring lion pose)

Open your mouth wide, and stick your tongue out, moving it from side to side. You could sit as demonstrated in the picture. This simple, yet effective exercise works wonders to tone a sagging neckline. It also regulates the thyroid function and benefits metabolism. It releases stress and the entire face is exercised.

Dr Hansaji J. Yogendra is the director with a Yoga institute

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