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Exercise capacity is a key factor linked to these patients' quality of life and even survival. (Photo: Pixabay)

Beetroot juice supplements may help heart failure patients: study

A second important aspect of the study is there were no untoward side effects from the dietary nitrate.

They scored lower in tests of academic skills related to mathematics, reading, and spelling (Photo: AFP)

Research suggests chronic kidney disease may leave children with low IQ

Children with CKD also had lower scores than the general population in executive function and memory domains.

When an overweight woman delivered vaginally, the risk of her child being overweight was three times higher than normal. (Photo: Pixabay)

Overweight women more like to have obese kids: study

Gut microbiome is the community of bacteria that live in the digestive tracts of humans. 

It was a very huge tumour, the size of which was nearly the size of the head. (Representational image: Pixabay)

Doctors remove 'world's largest brain tumour'

Size, vascularity and the involvement of the brain and the bone possessed a challenge in the case.

The work is the flip side of the disappointing hunt for new drugs to fight or prevent Alzheimer's disease. (Photo: Pixabay)

Superagers' youthful brains offer clues to keeping sharp

Parts of the brain shrink with age, one of the reasons why most people experience a gradual slowing of at least some types of memory.


Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

New York Fashion Week: Return of jewels

Designers also made dustings of crystals and gemstones on their clothing lines .

Ivanka Trump. (Photo: AP)

Ivanka dons plaid for SOTU address

Meanwhile, Melania Trump was seen trotting in an all-white ensemble.

Wearing shrugs and open jackets to hide bulging fat on upper body can make any outfit look pleasing to the eye.

Read about fashion tricks that make you look thin

Some really smart hacks can make you look and feel slimmer without being labour intensive or tricky.

Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

Vivienne Westwood, plus-size models protest at London Fashion Week

The protest soon took the Twitter by storm and trended under #IneosVthePeople.


Chef Made Karyasa

‘Made’ in Indonesia

Taste local fare with these special recipes curated by a visiting chef from Bali.

The guests will be in for a lavish treat as they choose from a variety of hors d’oeuvres like Jiao Zi Chicken, Lamb and Vegetable Dumplings, Crispy Chicken Tossed with Sesame Peanut Sauce and others.

JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu gears up to celebrate “Year of the Dog” at Dashanzi

Dishes curated to commemorate Chinese New Year will boast of preparations marinated and hand-crafted in homemade sauces, aromatic spices.

Plate waste at home was 3.5 per cent higher when diners went for second or third serving. (Photo: Pixabay)

Eating at home may reduce food wastage: study

Plate waste at home was 3.5 per cent higher when diners went for second or third serving.

Sukhi Arbi with Jeera Paratha

Winter’s bounty

During this nippy season get traditional with some delicious home-cooked recipes.

Makar Sankranti

Sankranti specials

Makar Sankranti, the harvest fest, is celebrated by almost every community and state. We bring you some special dishes from across India!


The Travellers' Choice awards for Beaches is constituted from reviews (Photo: Instagram)

Agonda beach in Goa is at the top of the list for Travellers' Choice Awards in Asia

Five Indian beaches featured in the Asia list of "Travellers' Choice awards for beaches".

Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

This hotel chain will give you discount for staying off phones

The Wyndham Grand hotels are offering a five percent discount for switching off.

Syed Mohammed Najmuddin and Syed Mohammed Mawaheduddin decided to live their passion by starting eco-friendly resorts in Tadoba and Vikarabad.

The call of the wild

His younger brother, Mawaheduddin, who is a wildlife photographer, says that they have now replaced guns with cameras.


Representational Image. (Photo: Pexels)

Collect some uranium glass for that peaceful glow

Members appreciate its soft color and distinctive glow.

Peacocks in ruby setting (left) and peacocks on a pendant

Jewellery in the times of peace

The setting of stones in the southern part of India is completely different from that in the north.

The self-professed ‘bathroom painter’ will customise the walls of your washroom, cafe or the streets down which you walk.

Down the graffiti trail with Bengalurus Banksy

This edition features an artist whose work with colours knows no bounds.

Participants at the Jagran-Mexico AIDS conference.

Pantomime dance-theatre takes up core issues to change hearts & minds

Jagran workshops with students, on site and in schools, have now become an annual feature.

French Mohiniattam exponent Brigitte Chataignier.

Dance of the Enchantress is meditation in joy

The film is so much more than a documentary; it is an aesthetic experience that evokes rasa through the music, dance and visuals.


From sex causing heart attacks to headache being a reason to avoid sex, here are myths that need to be busted (Photo: AFP)

Here are misconceptions about sex you need to beware of

The internet has also led to a large number of misconceptions which at times end up being harmful when it comes to awareness about sex.

16,263 babies were conceived in the week of Valentine's Day, up on an average of 15,427 each week. (Photo: Pixabay)

Pregnancies soar during Valentine's week: UK study

Love is most definitely in the air at this time of year.

He told her it was because the time he spent chauffeuring her was keeping him from his friends, she said.

Wife divorces husband in Dubai for charging £100 everytime he gave her a lift

Interestingly, the woman is the household’s sole breadwinner and pays the bills because her husband is unemployed and cannot hold down job.

One of the advice by expert is that not only are books like these great reads, they’re also fabulous for giving you some ideas.  (Photo: Pixabay)

Expert shares 5 tips to make your day Valentine's Day sizzle

Here are a few alternative ideas for V-Day if you are bored of doing the usual stuff.

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Taiwan to ban disposable plastic items by 2030. (Photo: Pixabay)

Taiwan to ban disposable plastic items by 2030

The island started recycling plastic and pushing to reduce single-use plastic items more than a decade ago.

We visit the cats twice a day and spend an hour or so with them, during which we feed them and clean the litter Yashashree

Making life easy for pet owners

Yashashree and Mehar are the brains behind the pet sitting service Guardian of the Purr.

The most important point to keep in mind while getting a cage for your bunny buddy is that it must be a large one.

Caring for your little bunny

The most important point to keep in mind while getting a cage for your bunny buddy is that it must be a large one.

Sumitha Suseelan

To neuter or not to neuter

Spaying makes for a cleaner, calmer pet who tends to be more gentle and affectionate.

When it comes to using pickles, the most important thing is to find a right balance.

Pickle up our drink

Mixologists are giving the humble pickle a makeover. This time they are adding it in your cocktail for that salty, tangy, and slightly sweet kick.