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Find out the jewellery trends that will work in 2018

Published : Jan 15, 2018, 8:02 pm IST
Updated : Jan 15, 2018, 8:34 pm IST

Siddhartha Sacheti - CEO of Jaipur Gems talks about ornament trends from last year and what might work this season.

 Siddhartha Sacheti - CEO of Jaipur Gems, he says that 2017 wasn't a great year in terms of jewellery.
  Siddhartha Sacheti - CEO of Jaipur Gems, he says that 2017 wasn't a great year in terms of jewellery.

While jewellery is an essential to every woman’s trousseau, and is often, rightly quoted as being timeless, not everything that is made turns popular.

Furthermore, what might work one year could see a dip in preference the following season. There are designs which are eternal, and then there are seasonal favourites which see splendid demand during one year but fail to leave a mark the next.

Ring and necklace collection by Jaipur Gems Ring and necklace collection by Jaipur Gems

In conversation with Siddhartha Sacheti - CEO of Jaipur Gems, he says that 2017 wasn't a great year in terms of jewellery. The young CEO says that for the most part, people were trying to rediscover and recover from the ‘slack of demagnetisation’ and the dip in the economy.

As for what could be seen, he says, “The year was kind of a carried forward in terms of trends, more of the polki, uncut diamonds. Unfortunately it was a very lack lustre year in terms of jewellery.”

Earrings by Jaipur GemsEarrings by Jaipur Gems

Speaking about the wedding jewellery that trended the last season, Sacheti says that in terms of Jaipur Gems, what consumers were looking for included timeless styles and designs which last forever, more like an heirloom piece.

“Gold jewellery really worked for us and we got a tremendous phenomenal response, he says, adding, “The entire range of chokers, textured bangles, Filigree bangles was promoted extensively, literally a star of our collection and it also carried forward to 2018.”

A traditional choker by Jaipur GemsA traditional aad choker by Jaipur Gems

As for what might trend the coming year, Sacheti believes that in terms of wedding collection, the styles might be similar to those of the last year.

“Brides till date still prefer, uncut diamonds, polki sets, chokers, necklaces, long haar etc,” he says.

As for the styles that are most prevalent nowadays, Sacheti says that fine coloured gemstones are making a big comeback.

“Neo Classical Designs and structures are already the next big thing with jewellery,” he says, adding that spinels emeralds have made a statement of the last few years, and really fine top emeralds are making their presence felt like never before with more high networth individuals opting for fine –coloured gemstone.

The CEO of Jaipur Gems goes on to add that Padmavat too will show its influence on the wedding scene.

“The Aad choker (which is like a half moon shaped and rests on the collar bones with cascading ) majorly worn by Marwari families is going to be demand, cause of the major movie influence of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film.”

According to Sacheti, regal looking pieces, textured or hand beaten chokers in gold, semi-precious and precious stones like Tanzanite, Ruby, Spinel bracelets, earrings, rings, will see a major trend in the jewellery for 2018.

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