Thursday, Mar 22, 2018 | Last Update : 11:35 AM IST

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Meghan, Kate emojis to be released before royal wedding

New MeghanMojis and KateMojis will feature Markle and Kate in range of outfits accompanied by sayings supposedly related to their lives.

22 Mar 2018 10:29 AM

Wales woman found living with decomposing body of mum

Reclusive Gaynor Jones died up to 4 years ago but her body was recently found in 19th century stone cottage full of hoarded possessions.

22 Mar 2018 9:20 AM

Meghan Markle's wedding ring to follow royal tradition of Welsh gold

The rare gold ring with the Welsh dragon stamp will probably be made by jeweler Wartski

22 Mar 2018 9:12 AM

Chanderis: Fit for a queen’s ransom

Many looms fell silent but this last decade has seen some of the looms restart and return with greater energy.

22 Mar 2018 2:38 AM

A ‘rider’ on pedestrian matters!

When riders are not given any leeway on using footpaths, then footpaths naturally become safer.

22 Mar 2018 12:37 AM

The proponent of pothole art

Baadal Nanjundaswamy creates art in protest against civic problems.

22 Mar 2018 12:35 AM

Raise your vibration

While one can't control a lot of things, it is easy to control your energy and vibrations through simple steps.

22 Mar 2018 12:19 AM

Best out of waste

We start with educating school children and societies about different types of wastes.

22 Mar 2018 12:18 AM

Ruff and ready

The market research provider projects that the number would grow by 12.5 per cent annually through 2022.

22 Mar 2018 12:11 AM

Way to make fragrances stick to skin longer found by scientists

Companies incorporate a lot of fragrance oils in wash-off products, such as face washes and body scrubs, but the majority get washed away.

21 Mar 2018 8:41 PM