Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017 | Last Update : 04:16 AM IST


An outrageous law

This ill-advised law reportedly has the Centre’s blessings as evident in a junior minister saying it was “perfect and balanced”.

24 Oct 2017 12:17 AM

Move to ‘rejig’ GST rates most welcome

The government has tweaked GST several times since July 1, but the basic flaws haven’t been resolved.

24 Oct 2017 12:11 AM

J&K: Time for politics

Our top security professionals are doing a splendid job, but they appreciate they can only prepare the ground for a political opening to be made.

23 Oct 2017 12:17 AM

Don’t compromise over freedom of expression

The content of the movie and a dalit writer’s books may be contentious and drew vehement opposition most recently.

23 Oct 2017 12:10 AM

Pollution, the silent killer

There is no denying that outdoor and indoor pollution causes serious diseases of the heart and lungs.

22 Oct 2017 12:41 AM

Xi heralds new era of Chinese supremacy

Military modernisation is to be achieved “basically” by 2020 with an emphasis on information technology. China’s neighbours need to be on their toes.

22 Oct 2017 12:41 AM

New heights of callousness

The death of 11-year-old Santoshi Kumari will forever remain a blot on India’s bureaucracy and government.

21 Oct 2017 12:40 AM

Work closely with US, but keep options open

While speaking warmly of India, Tillerson did not fail to point out that Pakistan was a major US partner, and that all “relations stand on merit”.

21 Oct 2017 12:40 AM

Meaningless gesture by Pak

For the all-powerful Pakistan Army, which runs the anti-India jihad, the JuD leader appears to have attained totemic status.

19 Oct 2017 2:42 AM

It may be time now to wind up the CBI

The larger question now is whether the CBI should be called in to investigate cases simply as the local/state police has failed.

19 Oct 2017 2:40 AM